“I am a voice for the voiceless.” – Grandmother Agnes, Takelma/Siletz


I offer blessings to each of you good, kind and generous friends and relatives. We are thankful for all the support through your donations for our new book: a story from our homes and heart.

May your life be filled with light and love!

Blessings to the world,

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim

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Grandmothers Wisdom: Grandmother Mona


“The way that we preserve our ceremonies, our culture, is by sharing the knowledge with those who would take the time to listen.” Grandmother Mona, Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa

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Grandmother Earth

Today we reaffirm our relationship to Grandmother Earth and our commitment to support and continue the work of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

“We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth, the contamination of our air, waters and soil, the atrocities of war, the global scourge of poverty, the threat of nuclear weapons and waste, the prevailing culture of materialism, the epidemics which threaten the health of the Earth’s peoples, the exploitation of indigenous medicines, and the destruction of indigenous ways of life.

We, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, believe that our ancestral ways of prayer, peacemaking and healing are vitally needed today. We come together to nurture, educate and train our children. We come together to uphold the practice of our ceremonies and affirm the right to use our plant medicines free of legal restriction. We come together to protect the lands where our peoples live and upon which our cultures depend, to safeguard the collective heritage of traditional medicines, and to defend the Earth Herself. We believe that the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future.

We join with all those who honor the Creator, and with all who work and pray for our children, for world peace, and for the healing of our Mother Earth.”

For all our relations.

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The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

In Indigenous cultures across the world, we find a timeless understanding of the balance of the cosmos and the Earth’s systems: land, air, water and living things (animals, humans and plants). Inherent in these cultures is a wealth of wisdom held by the elders, along with a deep cultural respect for the passing down of knowledge through generations, particularly through elder women, who carry a unique connection and responsibility to guard the Earth for future generations.

Unfortunately, the unrestrained exploitation of natural resources in the name of “progress” has severely impacted the balance of the Earth’s natural systems, poisoning not only the environment but also the most basic human interaction as we continue to see an erosion of respectful behavior and tolerance for differing cultural traditions.

Disenfranchisement of indigenous cultures is often a key pillar to making modern progress and development possible. A classic example is China, the most toxic polluter nation on Earth. China has forged the destruction of the Tibetan culture and native country in the name of progress, yet is considered a modern economic powerhouse.

Across the United States, water resources and pristine lands, such as the Grand Canyon and the Great Plains, are threatened by uranium mining and pipeline construction. Similarly, the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed at faster rates than ever, despite its scientifically proven value as a global biosphere resource in its natural state, with powers beyond our comprehension.

It is from these pressing and immediate needs that the Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence For All Creation project was born. This project centers on thirteen elder women known as the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. In 2004 the Grandmothers came together from the four directions of the Earth for the first time, uniting their diverse spiritual and cultural lineages to form a global alliance of prayer, education and activism. This partnership was created in response to visions and legends that had been passed onto them by their elders, foreseeing this time on Earth as an epoch of great transformation.

#GrandmothersCouncil #GrandmothersWisdom #ReverenceForAllCreation

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